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When I was young, my mother and teachers often advise us to have the habit of keeping our belongings clean. By the school rules, we must keep our shoes and bags clean when attending classes (To get rid of germs and bacteria). Outdoor activities have contributed to the soiling of our shoes and bags, therefore, every week, my mother will help me clean my shoes and bags.

As I grew up, naturally I had to do the cleaning myself. As I went into the workforce, busy lifestyle has robbed away my time, which meant that there was no time for cleaning my beloved belongings. One day, when I finally got the time to clean them, the real nightmare began. All the material colors have changed and it caused wear and tear. That was how MyBagSpa came about. Designer shoes, bags and accessories have delicate and quality materials which require professional cleaning. Gone are the days where we just needed a brush (or worst, a washing machine) and some detergent to clean it.

MyBagSpa strives to fulfil the original senses of sight, touch and smell to each article. A clean bag means – it must first and foremost look clean. When you carry it, it feels clean, and when you bring it closer, it does smell clean too! Why do we have to clean our belongings? Just like us, our things will get dirty, aged and develop symptoms.

We serve all clients who have a need to get their belongings cleaned. We also provide our services to major designer labels so as to keep their merchandise in tip top condition.

Founder & Bag BeauticianChan Pei Lin
Staying Clean
IS Beautiful! MyBagSpa Slogan

Our Services

Luxury Bag & Accessories Specialist Services.
Fall in love with your favourite pieces all over again!

MyBagSpa will examine the item’s materials and choose the appropriate solutions and techniques to clean the bag. Unlike any ordinary cleaning, we do not use washing machines to do our work for us.

MybagSpa will examine the item’s leather and determine which techniques, solutions and tools needed to restore the damage and color. We use the best airbrush tools to achieve the professional cosmetic results.

Be it a severely scratch or torn leather, MyBagSpa can replace the whole leather piece with a customised new patch of leather or reseal tears.

All MyBagSpa services include a comprehensive disinfecting process to exterminate all bacteria, germs, dust mites, fungi, mold.

Depends on the type of metal parts, all metal parts will be polished by hand using MyBagSpa solutions.

Our range of products for leathers is best suited for repelling not only water, but oil as well. For other materials, MyBagSpa apply deep coats of professional water repellent solutions.

You can purchase our range of products at our outlets, that will help you maintain your beloved items. Not only will you keep your items looking good most of the time, it can actually save you more money in the long run!

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Our Philosophy

Staying Clean IS Beautiful!

  • To share with you the journey of a clean and healthy lifestyle.

    Although we're in the cleaning business, we are cultivating a habit of clean and healthy lifestyle! Our main interest is to help clients understand how to achieve a clean and healthy lifestyle starting by learning how to take care of their belongings, offering preventive solutions and advising clients to clean it themselves (with our products of course) before it is too late! We believe that staying clean is beautiful. When you have tried our products and services, you are not just getting it clean - you are getting a 'membership' to a celebrity's lifestyle. Cleanliness not only gives you the "feel good" factor, it also brings out the confidence in you when you walk down the street (or red carpet!). We know that when a person looks his/ her best he/she feels her best.
  • We do what's best for your belongings.

    MyBagSpa is not just an average professional cleaner for your belongings. We know that doing our best is always not enough. In order to reach the ultimate balance of all three senses, we make sure that nothing is overlooked. From cleaning away stains to color restoration of Leather articles, we make sure that all items that are serviced by us looks, feels and smells as good as new! Just let our actions do the talking! We are actively involved in improving our clients experience on our services and offering superb products all the time, making sure that new technologies, solutions, techniques and everything else are better able to help us restore your belongings to near new conditions.
  • Just ask us about anything.

    All employees of MyBagSpa will feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when we can put a smile on client's face with our products and services. We will offer you our best and honest opinions based on our experiences. We would love to offer our preventive products to take care of your beloved belongings.
  • MyBagSpa Global Giving

    MyBagSpa strives to build a reputation where "people love" instead of creating a reputation that "no one hates". Our portion of our profits are donated to various charities to give back to our society.