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MyBagSpa wide-reaching business network presence in Asia-Pacific & Middle Eastern markets.

Defining NicheTarget Market

MyBagSpa operates in the service and retail businesses sector to provide extensive range of services that keeps articles in mint condition. Our retail products are catered for articles that require repellent, shine, anti-fungus and maintenance. MyBagSpa senior management team brings holistic experience in servicing and maintenance of all articles with a solid understanding of the customer’s needs and problems. By combining quality workmanship, top notch solutions and assuring results, MyBagSpa continues to be the leading company for luxury services and retail products.

Despite the current economic slowdown, the sale of both high-end retailers and luxury products continue as one of the few “real” economic growth areas. Dominant designer brands have consistently produced 20-35% quarterly revenue increases. Integrating incremental ownership into the equation presents a compelling opportunity for both long and short-term growth by enabling the consumer to stretch their buying power of luxury priced goods. Customers recognize the value in luxury goods and the “mass-tique” paradigm shift continues to gain momentum.

MyBagSpa provides services and solutions to increase the life-span and maintain the look feel & smell of all designer brands merchandise. Ultimately, consumers will have a wider range of choices when selecting merchandises to complement them on the street.

Business IntegrationSolutions & Services

Our implementation in MyBagSpa’s web solutions, retail and service booths’ market focused strategy are developed into 4 core business units.

  • MyBagSpa Online: Operate the internet platform for servicing and online retail.
  • MyBagSpa Retail + Service Global Direct Booths: Expansion of MyBagSpa booths via strategic licensing agreements and franchisee programs, serving as drop-off & pick-up locations for operators of MyBagSpa Spa Lab. The booth will also serve as a retail outlet for distributing MBS products to the public.
  • MyBagSpa’s Spa Labs: Expansion of Labs via strategic licensing agreements with programs that provide the turnkey equipment, tools and solutions for booth services. Franchisees are trained on-site with extensive support from MyBagSpa. We provide consultation and answer any questions the franchisee encounters.
  • MyBagSpa Corporate Retail + Service: MyBagSpa welcomes all designer boutiques to establish after-sales Retail + Service relations. Our consultation in our services & products allow designer boutique’s staff to establish value-added relationships with their clients.

Brand AwarenessValue Added Marketing

MyBagSpa provides you a strong interactive platform with our clients. Advertising with MyBagSpa assures your message will be brought across a niche and highly-targeted audience. This will ensure high response & high rate of returns, making sure that there is no wastage of your ad dollars – as compared to advertising on mass media.

Who visits MyBagSpa?
• 90% Women, 10% Men
• Majority group of customers are within the 18 to 39 age group
• 67% have a diploma, degree or higher education
• 82% are employed, full-time salary earners or business owner
• 72% command an annual salary of above USD$22,000
• 58% are married

MyBagSpa offers a wide range of options for you to reach out or market to our customers:
• Brochure advertising
• Discount coupons
• New products/ services awareness
• & more

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