When I was young, my mother and teachers often advise us to have the habit of keeping our belongings clean. By the school rules, we must keep our shoes and bags clean when attending classes (To get rid of germs and bacteria). Outdoor activities have contributed to the soiling of our shoes and bags, therefore, every week, my mother will help me clean my shoes and bags. As I grew up, naturally I had to do the cleaning myself. As I went into the workforce, busy lifestyle has robbed away my time, which meant that there was no time for cleaning my beloved belongings. One day, when I finally got the time to clean them, the real nightmare began. All the material colors have changed and it caused wear and tear. That was how MyBagSpa came about. Designer shoes, bags and accessories uses delicate and quality materials which requires professional cleaning. Gone are the days where we just needed a brush (or worst, a washing machine) and some detergent to clean it.

MyBagSpa strives to fulfill the original senses of sight, touch and smell to each article. A clean bag means - it must first and foremost look clean. When you carry it, it feels clean, and when you bring it closer, it does smell clean too! Why do we have to clean our belongings? Just like us, our things will get dirty, aged and develop symptoms.

We serve all clients who have a need to get their belongings cleaned. We also provide our services to major designer labels so as to keep their merchandise in tip top condition.

Chan Pei Lin
Founder & Bag Beautician
Our Slogan - Staying Clean IS Beautiful!